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Issue: Couldn't load the data for this visual

This issue has been occurring on the Power BI Service over the last 2 days.  Only 1 of the report page is erroring out when uploaded from Power BI desktop to Power BI Service.  The other report pages are functioning properly.  I've reduced the amount of data and it is still erroring out.  Please advise on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.  Is this related to data volume because I didn't think the dataset were that large (PBix file size is approximately 500 MB.).



Thank you for your help.

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Hi @slee,


Did you make any changes in the pbix file that could break the reports in the Service?

Can you see any error sign in the fields when the reports are in Edit mode?

What kind of changes did you make?


Best Regards,


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The problem turned out to be too many custom visuals ('HierarchySlicer') on the report page.  It works with two but it stopped working after I added the third one.  Found it by recreating the report page from scratch.  If I replaced the custom slicers with the default slicers, it works fine on Power BI Service.  


Thanks everyone!

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Actually, after digging a bit further, it looks like the problem is at Microsoft's end:




Thanks for sharing the alert.


My report is not using Direct Query.  It is on scheduled refresh from a SQL Server (via the enterprise gateway).


I can try the report with the custom visuals at a later point after the fix is applied by Microsoft.

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