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Issue: Built-in slicer randomly changes from dropdown to list in PBI service

I have report where mulitple slicers are created on different pages with same fields, using built-in slicer in Power BI Desktop. The type is set to 'dropdown' from slicer header. This reflects correctly on Power  Desktop every time. But, when published to Power BI service, sometimes it randomly changes the type to list from dropdown. When that report page is reset or the web page is refreshed, it then shows correct visual i.e. slicer with dropdown type. There is no apparent reason for this to be happening. Is this a possible bug?

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@RishikeshMore ,


I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

Support Ticket.gif 



Jimmy Tao

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It seems this has been an issue raised on the community pages for several years and the bug still hasn't been fixed (I've had this issue since November and not found a solution yet).

Helper II

This issue is quite annoying. For me as well, the slicer with dropdown format is automatically changed to List in power BI desktop. I have bookmarks on the page and it would be really difficult to keep creating bookmarks again and again because of adding a new slicer/filter. I have tried to "Update" bookmarks and it still doesnt work. Every time I have to re-create my bookmarks.


Please fix this issue.


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I have the same issue as well. I have a 12 page report, with 5 or so dropdown slicers as filters.  In the pbi app on iOS and on the web, the slicers change from dropdown to list. Clicking reset in the browser used to fix the issue.  As of this week, I have had to hit reset for every page now in iOS App.. I am noticing the issue on all standard dropdown slicers that do not have the search feature turned on.

The slicers appear as dropdowns as designed in the PBI Desktop App though.  


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am experiencing the same issue since February of 2020.  It just automatically defaults to the LIST rather than the Dropdown which was selected.  Hope there is a fix soon.



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Same issue - does anyone know if a fix is imminent?

Advocate I

Hey guys,

I had opened a ticket as suggested by @v-yuta-msft . It had been informed via that ticket that this problem is actively being handled by the project team as a known issue and would be resolved by 3rd week of July'2020.

I have not experienced this problem recently, as have my end-users, so it is possible that this is fixed. But, if anyone is facing any problems please continue with this thread.

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I too have seen it fixed.  If you are still seeing this issue please "Reset to default" and it should fix your issue.

You can find this on the ribbon above your report on the left. I included a picture below:




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Still happening. Extremely annoying.