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Invalid credentials on Sharepoint folder

Since yesterday I'm having an issue connecting to an excel file in a Sharepoint folder. It was already working, but I made some changes and republished it. Refresh works fine in Power BI Desktop, but online. It seem it's trying to connect to a Sharepoint list, instead of folder. I have an other report connecting to an other excel file in the same folder and it works fine. Could this be connected to the issue in North Europe? I'm in that datacenter.



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I'm currently facing the exact same issue with a excel file in OneDrive for Business..

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¿Could be that this issue is only ocurring with the Oauth2 in Europe servers?

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We are having the sames issues with accessing SharePoint online file .  NO OAuth2 option to use instead we see "undefined" .

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I'm also having the same issue. My report is connected to a SharePoint Online list but the credentials stored on PowerBI web is shown as SharePoint On Premise.


Utterly dissapointed with the issues that PowerBI has been giving lately. 

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Exactly the same issue over here at South East Asia region.


Please fix this ASAP guys.



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I'm having same/similar issue - delivered, working customer solutions suddenly stopped refreshing from Excel files on OneDrive for Biz and Sharepoint due to invalid credentials. Please hurry! I'm in the middle of the US in Kansas, so Europe problem shouldn't be affecting me...

I have the OAuth2 option, pbi online just won't refresh a mixed datasource file having an Azure db source and an Excel source like it used to.



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I'm having the same exact issue. It seems to be a general credential issue with OneDrive and Sharepoint files. Maybe it's having trouble authenticating with the Microsoft 365 servers? I'm kind of in a crunch and I hope this get's resolved soon. Does anyone know if the source of the problem has been pin-pointed, and/or if they have released an ETA for resolution?





edit: Well it looks like it's at least letting me set my authentication to Oauth2 and seems to accept my credentials initially. But they never really set in, as they seem to revert back to anonymous after going back into the dataset configuration menu. really frustrating...

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Hello people for 4 days that we have problems to refresh our datasets, the source is an xlsx file that is in SharePoint Online. The error is: The credentials provided for the Web source are invalid Source at: URL This occure in several tenants located in South Central US (Texas) Can anyone answer? I have already opened a support case and I still have no answer.


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my reports are hosted in Australia and I'm also having the issue. Someone responsible please have a look ASAP.

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I recreated old report, still the same issue, selected SharePoint Online List, and then im missing the Oauth2 option in credentials, and its listed as SharepointListOnPremise.