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Invalid Credentials on Scheduled Refresh

I'm having the problem below, I've put the credentials again, but the error continues.



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I'm having this problem as well.  Getting the same error when attempting to setup scheduled refresh for a Kusto data source.  "Refresh Now" works fine.


Note that the message immediate after you enter your credentials says that the credentials "can't be updated".  It doesn't say they are invalid.

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Also reporting the same issue. Refresh Now is not working for me. 


The error is either


We're sorry, an error occurred during evaluation


and the Data Source credentials say:


Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid. Please update your credentials and try again.


When I update them using OAuth2 (even though it is OneDrive with the same account, so shouldn't Windows work?) it doesn't stick and goes back to Anonymous.




What is your data source? When did you create this dataset on Power BI Service? Could you please try to re-publish the report from Power BI Desktop to see if the data source require a personal gateway?


Power BI team are currently working on improving the refresh of cloud based data sources. As part of this, one of the changes they have made recently is that new datasets that leverage import from Web pages will not be automatically configured for refresh in Power BI service, and will require the use of a gateway. Please consider using the Personal Gateway or On-Premises data gateway if you would like to use this capability. They are working on removing this restriction in the future.


I just tried to publish a report to PBI Service, no matter the data source is a web site or OneDrive business, I can edit the data source credentials successfully.


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Hi @v-haibl-msft,


Thanks for the answer,

My data source is from one drive for business (csv files), I tried to republish but the error continues, I also tried to exclude the dataset and publish with another name, but no sucess. I'll make some tests with personal gateway.



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Have the same issue when connecting to a Dynamics 365 database. (for the demo CRM Online Sales Manager Dashboard actually) 


You change to oAuth and sign in and it connects fine, but then i reverts to anonymous and shows the

error next time you look.


The issue with CRM I Believe is that the instruction requests you to connect to the following oData connection https://<Orgname>


Credntials 2.png

But actually the updated oData connection format should be like this




It works OK in PowerBI Desktop with the wrong connection method, but not in PowerBI service.





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Hi @v-haibl-msft


Using personal gateway didn't work. It is still saying I need PowerBI Pro to get the scheduled refresh.


Initial setup:


Two files on OneDrive-Business, accessed via web url

Google Analytics


Revised setup


Two files on OneDrive-Business, access "locally" via the C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive Business

Google Analytics

Personal Gateway connections okayed, added the two files as data sources


HOWEVER, this setup won't work regardless even if scheduled refresh did work, because I initially I get an error saying that it couldn't connect to the Gateway because another process was running. I then found out that, the OneDrive app, if syncing were on, would access the same resource, and the PBI gateway service couldn't access it. ie. if I need to turn off sync for it to work then the data isn't refreshed via OneDrive, so I'd need to manually refresh the data.







Please post back if you still have problem after install personal gateway and use OAuth2 method.

I get data from a .csv file on OneDrive for Business in my PBI Desktop and publish to Service. The data source credentials can be edit and updated successfully.


But I find that there are same issue reported and PBI team are working on them: CRI 26430051, CRI 26594408. I’ll keep an eye on them and post here if there is any update.


Best Regards,


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Glad I stumbled across this as I'm observing the same issues today.


I have 9 CSV and 1 XLS file uploaded to One Drive for Business and seeing the invalid credentials message when trying to set up a scheduled refresh using Power BI service.


I then try to edit the credentials (oAuth) which sometimes appears to work okay for the first few data sources, but then I start seeing the same "Credentials can't be updated" message that others are describing above.


Everything works okay in Power BI Desktop, and I've tried deleting everything from the Power BI service and publishing again.


Unfortunately installing the personal gateway isn't an option on this client's site (I have no control over this) so I can't test if that works as suggested above.


Is there any update on this?




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I @v-haibl-msft, I tried to use the Personal Gateway, but I got the error below:


pwoerbi error.png


I tried to reinstall the personal gateway, but the error continues.

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@paulopaim Did you run the install as Administrator? Also, I wasn't able to get it to work using an online account, so I created a local admin account.


I can manually open PBI Desktop and use my OneDrive files no problem, but the gateway doesn't work with the OneDrive app process. The main problem I'm trying to solve is needing to open my program everyday, refresh, save, publish. There's no command flag for the desktop as far I know to do this via a scheduled task or powershell either. Also, connecting the data to the PowerBI service doesn't help either, since I have DAX queries that I can't create on the web interface.