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Internet Explorer 11 slows, hangs, renders reports incorrectly, crashes

We use the JS embedding API and allow users to select from a dozen or so reports. So when the user selects a different report, we call powerbi.embed on the same div as before.

Today we've noticed that it is very unreliable in IE 11 specifically. Usually by the 10th report some symptoms will have been observed though it can take longer. These include:

  • reports being partially rendered, flickering and other weird motion artifacts, or parts of the page black
  • long delays with high CPU usage
  • messages from IE asking me if I want to kill scripts on the page because they're running for too long
  • messages from IE "<page> is not responding" with a "recover page" button
  • IE worker process crashing and restarting
  • a grey background but no loading indicator, and no report displayed
  • problems "leaking" out of the PowerBI frame and affecting elements in the rest of our site (e.g. text rendered in the wrong colour) - the text colour being a totally static constant defined in CSS...
  • whole browser page turns to empty white space immediately after switching reports

Looking in Task Manager I see an iexplore.exe process that accumulates 100-200 MB of Memory (private working set) with each report I click on. By the 10th report it's well over 1 GB. By the 14th it's ~1.5 GB and around that point any of the above symptoms become a near certainty. (With other browsers the same metric stabilizes at about 500 MB and rises/falls as I continue to switch reports with no problems).

So is IE 11 still supported? We either need a fix for this or an official statement that it isn't supported so we can make a decision - Power BI is a significant chunk of our costs.

Status: Delivered
Community Support

Hi @dearwicker


Please create a support ticket to get dedicated help. 


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Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered