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Intermittent scheduled refresh failures

Since last week we experience intermittent scheduled refresh failures. The error we get is: "Your data gateway is offline or could not be reached". Last december we had the same issue due to a problem in the North European region, and after the problem was solved we had no refresh issues for a few weeks.

"Refresh Now" works fine.

Please investigate.

Status: Needs Info


I found a similar issue has been reported internally and the following response is from PG:

"The fix should be in PROD environment by 01/25"

If the issue still occurs at the end of this month, please share gateway log here.


Status changed to: Needs Info
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Thank you Lydia! I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if the issue is solved.

Regards, Oscar

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Hi Lydia,

Since januari 26 we haven't had any issues anymore with scheduled refresh. So I think the fix solved the problem. Thanks again!

Regards, Oscar