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Intermittent "Couldn't load the data for this visual" errors



We've been using Power BI internally for over a year, and we've always had issues with intermittent "couldn't load the data for this visual" errors when running published reports in the Power BI service. This manifests as per the below screen shot. Several slicers or visuals will fail to render. Hitting refresh a couple of times usually sorts this out.


To date we've been able to accomodate this work around internally, but we now want to show reports outside of our organisation. This isn't really feasible with this issue extant.


All reports are created in Power BI desktop in Import mode, and then published to the power BI service.







Couldn't load the data for this visual
Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again later.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Http Status Code: 403
Activity ID: 6b612c60-54fe-4c67-9b97-bc1cba2d7750
Correlation ID: f7bcf347-1d4a-2bab-76c8-d9349bf00f97
Request ID: e7243816-be0a-c97e-a15a-17db1b92dbbe
Time: Thu Mar 21 2019 15:20:36 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Version: 13.0.8804.171
Cluster URI:




Power BI refresh error.JPG

Status: Needs Info

@mfinlay ,

I use internal tool to track the above issue, and found this warning:The request is missing Authorization header or its scheme is different from bearer.

Please check if there are any https
proxies affecting the requests and causing this issue on your side.


Status changed to: Needs Info