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Interactivity Broken in DYNAMICS dashboards - Bookmarks and Drilldowns

PBI team,

I have some PBI reports published as dashboard in DYNAMICS 365. Microsoft fixed an issue where vizzes were popping up in Focus Mode, but apparently that fix broke bookmarks and drillsdowns and my users are even less happy than before. They are not responding to use. Please fix this!

Status: Delivered


Drilldown and bookmarks doesn't work at dashboard level, thus when you embed Power BI dashboard into Dynamics 365, it is not possible to drilldown and bookmarks in the dashboard. There are some issues about the issues, please vote them up.


In addition, when you open the Power BI report in Dynamics 365, you can use drilldown feature.


Status changed to: Delivered
Resolver I

@v-yuezhe-msft These used to work until Microsoft implemented a "fix" for PBI tiles in Dynamics dashboards popping into focus mode/enlarge. I pursued a ticket with them to have that issue fixed, and after the fix was implemented we found bookmark and drilldown functionality broken.

Explain that to me. You can't tell me that it doesn't work, because if it used to work, then it clearly CAN work. And it needs to because that is what people expect of this. You need to get the PBI Serv and Dynamics devs talking.

And the whole point of this is so that my users don't have to go into PBI Server. I've got a great Dynamics dashboard that included PBI components made up for them that they love, but now the PBI components are rendered impotent.