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Insane bug on conditional formatting / matrix visualization

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by Ale Regular Visitor on ‎12-04-2018 07:06 AM

Pretty simple: once I try to resize any column in my Matrix, the conditional formatting goes crazy. See images below.



Status: Needs Info
by Moderator v-yuezhe-msft
on ‎12-05-2018 01:12 AM


What version of Power BI Desktop do you use? I am unable to reproduce this issue using my sample table in Power BI Desktop November release(2.64.5285.741).

Could you please share sample data of your table so  that I can replicate the Matrix visual?


by Moderator v-yuezhe-msft
on ‎12-05-2018 01:12 AM
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by Ale Regular Visitor
‎12-05-2018 01:47 AM - edited ‎12-05-2018 01:51 AM

Hi, I'm using the September vesion. Unfortunately my company has not updated it to November's yet.

I can't share the file but I found a way to reproduce it. It actually has to do with replacing one of the measures.

Step 1: Create 2 Measures (e.g.: Value and Trend);
Step 2: Add them to the Matrix;
Step 3: Set a conditional formatting (background for Value and font for Trend).
Step 4: Create a new Measure (e.g.: "NewValue");
Step 5: Add this "NewValue" to the Matrix and remove the old "Value"; (you can rename it or not, the bug appears in any case)
At this point, the previous conditional formatting will be lost, since the old "Value" was removed from the table.
Step 6: Create the Conditional Formatting again for the "NewValue" measure.
After step 6, whenever you resize a column, all the conditional formatting goes weird - edit: apparently it applies the background format to the "Trend" variable, based on its values, even if in the Trend conditional formatting background is switched off.

I just reproduced it with random data and that's the result:

Bug01.PNGBefore resize columnBug02.PNGAfter resize column


For that I used a dummy CSV file:


Created 3 Measures to reproduce it:

Value = AVERAGE(Sheet1[Column1])
Trend = SUM(Sheet1[Column2])
NewValue = AVERAGE(Sheet1[Column1])+3

Conditional formatting I used the default one:
For Value and NewValue, I used Background color only;
For Trend, I used Font color only;

Still, the background color from the "NewValue" is affecting the "Trend" variable.

Hope that is enough for you to reproduce it, if not, please let me know.

by Moderator v-yuezhe-msft
on ‎12-06-2018 01:47 AM


Please  update your Power BI Desktop version to November version(2.64.5285.741). Conditional formatting works as expected after I follow your steps resizing columns.


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