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Innovate Theme Issue

With the new Innovate theme, search text on a slicer shows up with a white font color on a white search background. Seems like the background of the search part of the slicer isn't 


Annotation 2019-09-17 163839.pngAnnotation 2019-09-17 163854.png

Status: New
Helper II

I have the same issue with the Innovate Theme.  Using the custom current theme option does not seem to work as it changes the font of other visuals as well (darker font does not show on dark backgrounds)

Regular Visitor

I have upgraded to December release and have tried the Preview custom current theme option and can confirm thatn whilst it fixes the above issue, it introduces others, in so much as the text for filter options is now black on a black background!

Surerly this is an easy fix to render the font colour in black just for the slicer object rather than applying a unilateral fix.