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Initials in icon for Workspace are wrong on Power BI Service

In the Power BI Service, each Workspace has its own circular icon which is made up of the first letters of each word.


I have found that once the intial workspace was created (E.g. with the name Project Analysis - which has an icon of PA) and you then rename it to something else (e.g. Project Variance) the letters in the icon don't change.  So I now have an icon showing PA but the workspace name is Project Variance....this looks strange and I would like for it to either update automatically when renaming, or at least let me update it manually.  


Regards, David

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Hi David,


You can change the icon. Please refer to service-create-distribute-apps#add-an-image-to-your-app-optional. If you want it to update automatically, please create an idea here.


Best Regards,


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Hi Dale,

I followed the documentation link, but I don't see the option to click on 'Members' to get to the "Office 365 Outlook account".  We actually don't use Office 365 so this is likely the problem.  

Is there another way to change the initials or picture for the workspace?


Regards, David

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I should probably elaborate and say that the options I do see are when I click on the ellipsis are:

Files, Edit workspace, and Leave Workspace.


If I click on 'Edit Workspace' I can add and remove members but there is no option to change the logo.


If there is no other option, I will recreate a new Workspace and move everything into it.