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Information is needed in order to combine data

Hi all,

I encountered this issue today, my report has been working normally for almost one year and suddenly it cannet be refreshed on BI services, but it can be refreshed on BI desktop, I tried all the methods mentioned in other articles but still cannot solve this issue, my data are some excel files stored on sharepoint folder online, the error message as below:


Processing error: Information is needed in order to combine data
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 52b6e1be-effb-40c3-8961-ac546cd2e64c
Request ID: 12c9df6c-047c-9c2c-6fb2-ca1d739282e1
Time: 2021-07-27 09:48:37Z

Status: Delivered
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Thank you very Much. It worked.

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I did a lot of test on the subject because the case is still present and it takes my head. It seems that the "Combine" feature does not work if the files have an "Azure Information Protection" label with the July version of the Desktop (2.95.983.0). With the June version or with unlabeled files no problem during the "combine". In fact The error appears when creating the "parameter".