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Infographic designer 1.6 Issue With January 2018 Power BI Desktop Release

After trying to amend an Infographic created in my pbix Octobers 2017 Power BI desktop release (without any issues).

I noticed that after the Jan 2018 release that the Edit designer started behaving odd. Just changing the Text drop down to be a shape started the drop down box flickering. After numerous attempts to select the Shape from the 'Mark Designer'  I tried to amend the background colour which then started a disco effect in the Mark designer. with filters and drop down boxes bouncing between choices. Which left me unable to use the Visual.


I installed the latest version of the Infographic from the store but I still have the same issue. I then tried to recreate the same Infographic but the behaviour was exactly the same in the Jan 2018 release.


I then reverted back to December 2017 Power BI Desktop and everything worked. I even tested the same pbix on the Report Server October 2017 release and again no issues.


We have used the Infographic in the business in many places so would appreciate a fix to this issue going forward.

I hope i have posted to the relevant forum as it was a Microsoft created Custom Visual. 


Replicated steps to cause the issue.

Import From store Infographic visual into a blank pbix Jan 2018 release.

'Enter Data' just a couple of test lines

I used;

Value and Country 


2 UK.


Add value to the meaure and country to the column


then click the Edit pencil icon within the visual

add a shape. I used transportation > ship


So far so good. then set Fill percentage on the shape to the 'value'


Then attempt to click back to the 'text' screen from the shape screen or try and change the Non-Value Color. 


this is where everything seems to behave odd on the machines I have tested with Jan 2018 release.





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Hi @KarlCullimore,


I can reproduce the issue in the latest Power BI desktop version. Regarding this issue, I would suggest you contact Infographic Designer author via as suggested here


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Established Member
Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @KarlCullimore,


There is a new Infographic Designer version released on 1/29/2018( ). Based on my test, this new version fix the issue. Please update the visual and test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Can't we configure the stroke colour anymore?


I am making multiple line charts using the Infographic visual. I saw in this post we used to be able to change the colour of line chart.


Thank you