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Incremental refresh not working | Something went wrong (No error details)

Hi, I am trying to use the incremental refresh feature, As mentioned in the documentation I am using the RangeStart and RangeEnd parameters and appropriate refresh policy or this purpose. After publishing the model I see that it is not able to initiate refresh. (The gateway settings are configured properly). Below are the technical details I see in the warning box. 


Something went wrong
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: beb92f39-31a2-4d76-a12e-b0b95bb678ca
Request ID: 70b22a3b-b974-4ddf-a212-b8fbaf44e31d
Time: 2019-01-21 15:20:06Z


For testing, I swittched off incremental refresh toggle in the PBIX and republished it. Which seemed to work (although not very useful). Can anyone help here? Does anyone face similar issue with the incremental refresh feature?


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I use internal track tool to check your request ID and find the error message: Could not add Measure with the name 'Headway' because a Expression with the same name already exists in the 'Model' Model.

Could you please check if there are duplicated columns/measures named Headway in your tables? If you find, rename them and check if incremental refresh works.


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Hey Lydia,


Thanks for checking, You are right there was a table called Headway too. I renamed the measure to something else and it seems to work now.


Appreciate the help. Thanks.


- Vivek

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