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Increase granularity of line graphs and slicers to the minute level

Currently, the line graph is able to drill down data from year, quarter, month and up till the date level. However, I have data for every minute and I am having trouble visualising them on the graph. I also would like to slice for a particular start and end date/time, but the slicer does not recognise date/time data at the moment. Please do help me to fix this issue, thanks! 

Status: New

Hi @qingyilee


For drill down on minute level, you can create a separate calculated column to store minute values, then drag this column to drill down hierarchy section. See: 




Currently, the range slicer doesn't support set range for datetime value, you can either set slicer mode as list or dropdown then select the desired values in slicer, or select the slicer visual and set visual level filter condition for this slicer visual in filter pane. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu