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Inconsistent Map Performance in Published Dashboards

I'm publishing out many dashboards with filled choropleth maps at various geographies. The end users are viewing these dashboards in a web platform outside of PowerBI online. The issue I'm having is occuring in the PowerBI web-environment, and in the website I'm publishing to, but the issue does not occur in PowerBI desktop. 


The problem seems to come and go, and does not occur consistently. Many times, the maps in the dashboards will not zoom and update correctly with the the slicer. I may check a box to view a particular CBSA or zip code, but the maps in that dashboard will not respond appropriately. Sometimes they won't change at all. This issue happens with both complex maps and simple dot maps with small extents. 


Theres a lot of parts to this issue- it's only in web environments, it doesn't come up every time and it occurs for a variety of data sets and sizes. Any assistance or brainstorming as to what is wrenching this is really appreciated!

Status: Needs Info

Hi @esite_reed,


Would you please share a pbix file so we can try to reproduce the issue on our side? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Needs Info

How do I share a pbix file here?