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Incomplete Data Load from CSV in SharePoint Online

I have 4 csv files stored in SharePoint online to load into a Power BI report .  Only 1 of the 4 files loaded all the data into Power BI desktop using the load from SharePoint method.  After discussion with my Company's Microsoft Technical Analyst, I was able to download the files to my desktop, and successfully load all data into Power BI.  This also happened with another csv stored in a different SharePoint location.  Posting here for more support to understand if it's a product bug or something in my environment that may be blocking some of the data.  Thank you.

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Do you use SharePoint Folder connector in Power BI Desktop and do you use latest version of Power BI Desktop?

Also could you please share the csv files via Private Message so that I can test?


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Hello, This issue is being worked through another support mechanism, rather than this forum.  I hope to post the solution here when available.  Thank you.