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Impossible to simply filter by country ?

Hi All,


I tried to use the 365 adoption pack some time ago and I duplicate MS reports to try to have some more precise KPIs. I encountered a problem when I want to filter by country : the datas are not really filter and the same amount appears each time, regarless of the kind of object I put. below, you'll see we have the same amount of SfB P2P Summary session for BE and FR but it's not the case. I tried with many objects/datas, with some countries, always the same problem. Someone can please help me ? thanks !




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to add an information, I tried to do this modification in Power BI Web and Desktop, with a Global Admin profile or with a standard user. thanks !

Community Support Team

Hi @CharlesD,


I can't reproduce this issue.

1. Is "SfB P2P Summary session" the same of all the countries? Usually the average could be one single value. SFB_AvgP2PSummarySession

2. You can try to create a new measure in the Desktop by using the Service connector.

3. Could you please post the steps to reproduce this issue? And the result you want.


Best Regards!


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here are the actions I did, thanks !