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Images are now exporting as ONE image in PowerPoint on a report slide

I found this note on another forum:

"As confirmed by the Product Team, there is a design change(all visuals will group together as a single image on a slide now) on the export to PowerPoint feature recently. And the documentation on this feature will be updated to reflect the design change."


This has completely broken our corporate workflow.  We use the images from Power BI to create all sort of Leadership report.  It was already a headache enough to have to export to PowerPoint to retrieve images that aren't degraded.  But now, the images are all grouped into one, with a white background betwee images, and is causing all sorts of 'breaks' in how we use our images from Power BI.


There wasn't any notice about this change.  Can someone please explain why this was done, and if it will revert back?  Otherwise, our company will be moving to Tableau to get around this headache.

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Hi @ackleinholz,


I have consulted the Product Team. I will update here in time. Thanks for your patience.


Best Regards,


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I'm like as surpriced as ackleinholz. We started an implementation project based on the feature to be able to fill in information in some empty textboxes in the report once the report has been exported to a PPT., something that doesn't work anymore. This was a perfekt feature to be able to produce reports for our management team.


I know there was some problems with the previous export, like some colours in text-boxes and images didn't export correctly to the PPT, but the lack of that was better than creating an image of the whole report. 

I know this is a preview feature, so we can expect changes without notice. And I don't know why Microsoft choosed the new design instead of fixing the old, but my recomendation is that we at least should be able to choose between the previous PPT export and the image export


Please keep up updated on this

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Are you still planning on responding?

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Not happy as well. All our reports were designed with the idea that the Excel export would allow customization (shift/delete) visual elements on each slide. Now this has been made impossible and the work-around (copy + crop slides) is very poor.

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Recently I also experience trouble with legends not exporting as expected in PowerPoint. When using a legend positioned at the top of a line or bar chart, it exports as a 'left' legend in the PowerPoint which is also covering my chart!


Anyone also experiencing this?


See also PowerPoint legend issue

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We now kind of accepted that everything is exported as an image. But then we also expect that all visuals can be exported and thar visuals look like they do in Power BI Service. Moving legends around as Fraukje describes must be fixed

Any news about when this feature will be go from preivew to production?