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Image rendering issue post latest PBIRS upgrade

Looks like the latest version (Version 1.2.6660.39920) of the March PBIRS upgrade brought a new issue realted to how images are being rendered in SSRS (paginated) reports. 


We have an image placed in a report and it is set it to "fit" so it expands or contracts and fits per the size of the screen. It worked fine until the latest update. Now the image cuts out. 


Appears as if the "fit" algorithm was modified to fix another issue and that in turn is causing this new issue. 


Power BI Report Server

  • Version 1.2.6660.39920 (Build, Released: March 28, 2018

    • Bug fixes
      • For Power BI Reports (PBIX), fix for Export Data not working from Power BI Visuals
      • For Power BI Reports (PBIX), fix for URL filters not working
      • For Paginated Reports (RDL), fix for images not being displayed correctly in IE11 after upgrading to Power BI Report Server March release


Here's an example:-

Note: Issue appears to be when we are using Image Sizing="Fit" in the report and in the URL we use rc:Zoom=Whole%20Page

PBIRS Image issue.png




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Community Support

Hi @vickyd,


Based on my test with the latest Power BI report server version, the image displays fine follow your description. 




In your scenario, please check if the issue happens to all images or a specific image. Also please run the same IE version as ours. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Helper V

Please try it in your laptop screen as well as a Monitor. Issue is more noticeable when trying in a monitor.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Take an image that is say 1000 X 1000 px. Set it to fit into a 500 X 500 image box in a SSRS report.

2. Deploy it and launch in a browser in a laptop screen with rc:Zoom=Whole%20Page

3. View the same thing on a monitor i.e. with rc:Zoom=Whole%20Page


The image will most likely get cut when vieweing in the monitor as shown in the screenshot shared earlier.


Let me know if you need a sample report file and maybe an email id so I can share it.

Helper V

Could you please confirm if you were able to reproduce the issue. We are right now in Production with a version (Initial Mar'18 release) where excel export does not work but we can't update to latest version (with excel issue fixed) because of this new issue.

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Can someone from Microsoft please provide a response.
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We are also facing same issue when an SSRS report with image whose "Sizing" property is set to "Fit" is viewed with zoom to whole page. When the report is moved from laptop screen to a larger one it does not fit but gets cropped in larger screen.

Before the recent PBI RS upgrade it was working fine.

Helper V

I posted an issue more than a week ago.. I got an initial response asking for more information but post that haven't received any response from anyone from Microsoft despite following up pretty much every day. 


What's the best way to get one as the issue does affect us big time!!! 


Issue -> Image rendering issue post latest PBIRS upgrade


PS: I realize this is perhaps not the best way to address this but not getting responses is an issue by itself. Do want to add that thisis perhaps the first time this has happened so hoping it just fell through the cracks. 


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This is still a show stopper for us so would really appreciate some response on this issue.
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Is this the right forum to be reporting issues/bugs related to Power BI Report Server?
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We are not able to upgrade our server due to this issue. Is there any update on fix for this issue?

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