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Image Grid issue when connecting LIVE to multidimensional

Hi all,

I'm experiencing issues with the image grid custom viz (😞 when connecting in live mode to multidimensional cube i put the imag url as per documentation and the viz is blank.

On the other hand if I import data from the same mutidimensional cube the same columns and measures it renders the images without any issues.


This issue arrised right after I installed the Jan update of PBI.


Someone else also experiencing the same problem?

Any suggestions?

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Yes, I am experiencing the same issue!


Hi @artur@Trebor,


There is a new Power BI desktop version 2.54.4970.961 released on 1/19/2018, please update desktop to this version then test again. 


If issue persists, as the custom visual is developed by Fredrik Hedenström, I would suggest you contact the author to update visual to ensure works with new desktop version. You can click Support in this site




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft@Vicky_Song

just downloaded the latest version and I still face the issue.

The image grid is working when using import data but not working when connected live to the model 😕


Any ideeas?

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@Vicky_Song why the status is set to Delivered? the issue is still there..


Hi @artur,


The custom visual is developed by Fredrik Hedenström, you need to contact the author to solve this issue as suggested in my previous post. 


Change the status as Delivered both include deliver the solution or effective methods. In this thread, the effective method is contacting custom visual author, so change the status as Delivered. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu