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ISSUE with POWER BI latest OCTOBER 2020 release

POst SEPTEMBER 2020 release the below issues faced and need resolution/fix for same ASAP as it is imapcting business.


1) POWERBI dashboard pulished to POWERBI service( not working these is lag and also unable to navigate report.

2) Unable to open PBIX file using POWERBI desktop facing below

it takes hell lot of time to open. unable to edit document and get message as 

ran out of memore it cefsharp.browsersubprocess has stopped ,



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hi  @SandhyaS 

I have tested on my side, it works well. (Version: 2.86.727.0 64-bit (October 2020))

Could you please clear the cache of power bi desktop by follow steps below from this thread to see if it helps?

1) Close all instances of Power BI Desktop

2) Open file explorer and navigate to the folder <system drive>:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\CEF\cache

  • replace <system drive> with your operating system hard disk partition
  • replace <user> with your user profile name, typically the alias you login to Windows with

3) Delete all contents of this folder

4) Restart Power BI Desktop


and also try to completely deleted Power BI desktop and reloaded an newer version to see if it works well.


if you still have problem, I would suggest you submit a  support ticket to get further help from power bi support team.




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I have tried all above all steps suggested as solution still the problem persists. Please look into same also please suggest how can i raise support ticket,


in service published dashboard was all working fine and we have not done any changes to report, All of sudden post new release there is lag in displaying reports and also in any page navigation cannot selected slicer selections and also unable to edit report for minor changes.


When we try below is the error snap shot.


please look into same also when we try to open PBIX file from POWERBI Desktop latest version below is the bebug notepad with message displayed

[1023/] failed to stat report
[1023/] failed to stat report

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so many resources has raised similar issue on latest release . Hope POWERBI Support team is working on this bug fixing, We cannot wait for such long time for this fix please confirm by when this issue would be resolved. We need to respond to business on this issue fix.