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ISSUE w/ Refresh Now on Dataset in Service: Preparing to refresh flashes, takes multiple clicks

In the service, when you click Refresh Now on a Dataset, the "Preparing to Refresh" message in the upper right hand flashes for a second then disappears.  Clicking multiple times on Refresh Now will cause the same message to pop up and disappear. Eventually - anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes - the dataset will then refresh and show that it is currently refreshing. When checking the refresh history in settings, it will then show it's refreshed multiple times.


Since the Pro license only allows 8 refreshes a day, this is an issue if we can't be sure if it's actually refreshing. No gateways are being used - all dataflows and underlying data are in SharePoint Online/OneDrive.


The issue started appearing on Oct 5th 2020 and has continued since.

Status: New
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