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ISSUE - Unable to resize/stretch desktop window onto multiple screens

With the Feb update, I suddenly cant seem to resize the desktop app window beyond the active screen.

Before I was able to stretch the window across 2-3 screens but now it wont allow it. I've looked into my system display settings & that doesnt seem to be the problem.

All other app windows still stretch like usual.

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Update- the Power query window isn't affected by this. I'm able to stretch across multiple displays when in the editor like I always have. 

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I tried the latest version of Power BI Desktop and it seems to work fine for me.

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same here. It started as soon as I setup the new version(2.90.782.0 64-bit )
meanwhile, PQ works fine

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Here's a visual representation of my dilemma. Same issue occurs for me on multiple machines running the latest update (2.90.782.0 64-bit (February 2021))


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Same - really annoying. making it much harder to see the visuals.

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I also checked on few PCs - the issue is of February update, probable caused by adding Search control

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Yea I was thinking the same thing @bgutman.

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I came here searching about this same window resizing problem with the February 2021 update and confirm that I have this same bug of unable to resize larger than the primary screen display size.  I too have more than 1 display (3 actually) and like to make it wider so I can put the selection, bookmarks, visualizations and fields off to the second screen and allows more room to work on the canvas.   I tried the older december version (still installed) and it works fine.   Please fix soon, thx!

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Posting a related issue (I think).

I work remotely via RDP, so that could also complicate resolution for me. I haven't any opportunity to verify it's related to RDP though.

Specifically, this applies to the 64-bit PBI RS Desktop versions (same issue with the latest October 2020 64-bit version):


My problem is resolved by using the 32-bit version:


... but this is not ideal, since this does not integrate with my Python and R versions (which I will not be supplementing with 32-bit, since it will undoubtedly complicate management of my overarching environment). Furthermore, I constantly get PBI errors for "running out of memory" with 32-bit.

I too can maximize/minimize, cascade and otherwise arrange, but I cannot resize the 64-bit PBI window in any way. KB shortcut workarounds do not apply to RDP sessions, so I am stuck with 32-bit until resolved. Compatibility adjustments also have no impact.

Hope this helps.

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It is brutal working in Desktop being limited to a single screen.  Please fix!