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ISSUE - Unable to resize/stretch desktop window onto multiple screens

With the Feb update, I suddenly cant seem to resize the desktop app window beyond the active screen.

Before I was able to stretch the window across 2-3 screens but now it wont allow it. I've looked into my system display settings & that doesnt seem to be the problem.

All other app windows still stretch like usual.

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Yes @Josh_Boj !!!! It's starting to wear thin on me 😣😣😣

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Same here.  Updated today and can no longer stretch a window across more than on monitor.

About shows Version: 2.90.1081.0 64-bit (February 2021)

Like othere I would always stretch out the window (non maximised but positioned to be relatively full screen) across two monitors.  Main designer view in the middle, with wide columns on the second screen for Filters, Bookmarks, Visualisations and Fields.

The Power Query Editor remains able to stretch, though this one I never really stretched out anyway.


This needs to be reported as a bug.  3 monitors avaialble and I'm designing in a window half the size of just one.

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Painful to say the least! I'm developing a POC for my client, and it is very difficult to do this when you have very little real estate on your screen to work with when you cannot stretch accross multiple screens.

Come on Microsoft, this is an amazing product that can quickly become tarnished if not sorted.. 


although I was not able reproduce this in the February release, I am able to reproduce it in the March release. I will look at it and see what we can do.

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Very happy to report that when I opened my first PBIX today that this appears to have been fixed!


Thanks you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Yes! Its working for me now. 

My eyesight thanks you!

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Which versions are working? I am on Jan 2021 PBI Desktop Report Server and cannot upgrade to latest probably.

For me, the issue only exists in the 64-bit versions.

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I can also now confirm the April 64bit version has fixed the issue of stretching the window size beyond the dimensions of the main monitor!   Yeah!   Now if they could just remember the last settings of the various panels; bookmarks, selections, fields and widths of those panels.


thanks letting us know this was fixed in the April release of Desktop (for those on DesktopRS will have to wait a bit longer). Please close the issue.

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Yes confirmed sorted for me too.  Thanks.

Agree with @tbPBIHelp21 above, in that it would be great to remember settings between sessions, or pin likes of bookmarks as always open.

I tend to pack out the right hand side with optin windows, such that the left hand monitor is full screen for designing/preview purposes.  Have to set this up / stretch window widths out etc each time I restart.