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ISSUE: Can´t load data to model

I´m using Power BI Desktop in a Virtual Machine. I have folders with .CSV files that use to create some Power BI Dashboards. I changed the Windows PC that I used to use and moved it to a Cloud VM. After that I couldn´t refresh data anymore, and I can´t make any change to the data model or transformations, because I can´t "promote" then to the cloud. It just keeps working for hours until I cancel the process. No error message nor help to debug the problem. It´s really very frustrating, I´ve spent hours trying to solve this and there is no information available. Thanks.

Status: New
Community Support


When you move the Power BI Dashboards to your cloud VM? Did the data sources you used to connect to create the Power BI Dashboards are still in the Windows PC? If so, I think it’s the reason why you couldn´t refresh data anymore. Because the file path of these data sources can’t work anymore.


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Community Support Team _Robert Qin