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IF statement not working after upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10



We've recently been upgraded to windows 10 and all IF statements that work perfectly fine in Windows 7 are no longer working.


It is specifically the "TRUE" part of the IF statement that is not being evaluated, i.e. if there is a function (calculate/sum, etc) as the "TRUE" value. The "TRUE" part of the IF statement only works if there is a number immediately after the comma as the value.


Please urgently advise on the way forward.



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Hi @alexandriab


Would you please share a pbix file? If it is, please remove sensitive data in the report, upload the report to OneDrive, paste the share link here. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Please see below screen shot of some examples I've already reported to our internal PBI team.


It is not specific to one model - it is across all our models, wherever we have IF statements. The models work perfectly in Windows 7 but opening in Windows 10 gives the errors as per below.




IF statement.PNG