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IF statement error in April 2017 Power BI Desktop Update

With the April update of Power BI Desktop, I am now getting errors with simple IF DAX statements that previously worked before. Actually the original IF DAX statements still works but if I try to replicate or copy them, I'm getting an error that says the value can not be determined (see attachments). Is anyone else seeing this?

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Super User

Where are you copying it to? Perhaps another table? Or is this a measure?

Occasional Visitor

It's for the same report using the same data table. The only thing different is the name of measure and the fact that the original measure saved in this report before I did the April upgrade.

Super User

What if you put the table name in front of the [ADM_STAT] column or is that a measure?

Occasional Visitor

I believe I found the issue.  The calculation I was trying to duplicate was actually applied as a new column and not a measure.   This issue can be closed. Thank you for your help.






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