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IE crash when using PowerBI service

Issue details:

  • IE 11 under windows 7 could crash when opening a PowerBI repot or interacting with a PowerBI report.
  • This issue could be triggered in many of our reports.
  • The issue could be replicated.
  • Never experience similar issue in Chrome or IE11 in Win105-23-2019 3-04-22 PM.png5-23-2019 3-36-22 PM.png5-23-2019 3-45-57 PM.png
Status: New

Hi @Yuran


From the screenshot, the IE 11 needs to be updated. Please update IE 11 then test again. 


As the Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows 7 after January 14, 2020, I would suggest you upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10 now. See:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu



The IE11 we have is the lastest version on Windows 7.(See the link below) 

We are still testing the windows 10 build and may have the windows 10 on board at the end of this year. However, as windows 7 is still in the support period and PowerBI claimed it support IE11, I recommend PowerBI team should look into this issue and fix it.






Hi @Yuran


I tested on my side with the latest IE version but not able to reproduce the issue. Please install the CU for IE 11 then test again:




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu  


@Yuran We are seeing the same issue at our oranganization. Hard crash of IE11 on win 7. chrome is unnaffected in IE7. WIn10 seems to be happy as a clam. 


We were further able to narrow down a concrete testing scenario to invoke the crash.


1) build a line graph with markers. 

2) put in the cloud (workspace, app, whatever, just needs to be on service).

3) do ANYTHING to refresh the page with the line graph w/marker (make full screen, hit a slicer, etc)

4) enjoy crash.


We further identified it started happening a few weeks ago. While I hesitate to state a cauasation, there is a correlation to KB4498206. Removing this update from affected machines seems to clear the issue and report consumption. Adding the update to a working machine breaks that machine. 


We've made a ticket with MS and are awaiting their breakdown and fix. 


Hope this helps someone else.



Nice found!

I don't have KB4498206 independently listed for uninstall. However, uninstalling KB4499164 will roll back IE from KB4498206 to KB4493435.


IE works "smoothly" after uninstal the KB4499164. Thanks you very much! Hope Microsoft could fix this bug ASAP.

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