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I cannot share reports or dashboards successfully

I have published 5 datasets to the power bi service under a workspace fro an Office 365 group.  There are problems.
As the owner, everything works for me.  Things do not work for anyone else.

Users in the group cannot see the dashboard in a powerapp tile - they see a blinking logo.  I have made sure to sahre everything repeatedly at both the report and dashboard level.  I have reshared with the office 365 group.  Nothing.

I have a test user in the group that can see more than other people.  Logged in with that user and I only see 1 of the 5 reports in the "Shared with me" section.  However I can view all reports when in the Reports section in  I have the 5 reports in a single dashboard that is displayed in a powerapp.  I see titles only but no content.

My users need to be able to see content without having to jump through hoops or they will not use this product.  
Also, these datasets are based on very small sharepoint lists with very few columns and very little data.  Like 10 records or so.  I am using Power BI to show formatted data tables, not charts.  They refresh for 10+ minutes and cause problems for use during refresh.  I have reports that have been refreshing for over 20 minutes right now. 

Status: New

Hi @jnelsoncpath ,


If the dashboard doesn't resides in the premium capacity workspace, the recipients to view the dashboard requires Power BI Pro license. In your scenario, please follow this article to share the dashboard with users, and let them check if they are able to view the dashboard successfully in Power BI service "Shared with me "section. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu