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How to track support cases

It was suggested I post this issue here instead of in the Power BI Service forums:



I I am a pro user that opened up an official support ticket after I ran into this issue:


I recieved an email and was informed someone would reachout within 8 business hours. Having gone over that time limit I wanted to take a look at the case...and have no clue where it's actually stored. The email provides a link shown here:




Which brings me to azure and errors out.... How do I track offical support tickets?


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Hi @BeatNick


If it possible to share the ticket id with us? If it is, please send the ticket id to me via private message, I will check it internally to find who owns it. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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@v-qiuyu-msft I have PM'd the case number to you.


Hi @BeatNick


I see the ticket owner already contacted you about this issue, please collaborate with the support engineer to get the issue resolved. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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