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How to pass parameter to PowerBI Embedded Report

I have a IFrame which shows a PowerBI embedded Report having Accounts Data and I am taking two inputs from user as Start Date and End Date through UI and according to those inputs my Database table is being populated with a unique ID for that selection. Can I pass a parameter to PowerBI Embedded via embedded URL or any other method to filter my report based on that input and unique ID for current selection in UI and also I want any numbers of Users should be viewing report  based on their selection in UI part parallelly. 


Status: New

Hi @abhip93,


When you embed the report, you can append the below code at the end of the embed URL: 


&$filter=<table>/<column> eq '<value>'


You can see the example:$filter=DimSalesTerritory/SalesTerritoryGroup eq 'Asia'




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu