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How to give group ( AD or Distribution list) access to Power BI report Embedded in SharePoint

Hi ,


We have Permium capacity for the Power BI. and  power BI report is embedded in SharePoint Online.

We have to share the report with External users as well as domain users.  We can share the report withexternal users by adding them individually.


we dont want to add individual domain users to the report. 


Can we share Power BI report to Active directory group? If we add AD group, will all the users with in that AD group be able to access the Power BI report.


Or is there any other way of sharing the report with multiple user without adding them one by one?



Vyas Anitha



Status: New

Hi @AnithaV09,


I have sent a email to consult this issue internally, will update here once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu


Hi @AnithaV09,


I confirm that we are not able to share the report/dashboard with external group currently, as either external group or members in the external group won't receive the email about shared report/dashboard. P


And for external user, the user MUST use the invitation link received in the email.


PG is working to address this scenario in the future (hopefully soon)


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu