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How to generate a PDF-copy of your paginated report in PBI without showing report in browser first

It is possible to generate a PDF-copy of a paginated report in PBI from i.e. an application.  This is explained well here : 

There is though one feature that seems to be missing here....  
That is the feature to create this PDF-copy without having to go through the Power BI on-line interface.
The way this works today, the URL starts the report in Power BI and open the report in the browser, then a PDF-export is issued automatically and the PDF-result becomes available.  This is slow and seems unnecessary when the aim is to get a PDF-copy.
In a SSRS-environment using Sharepoint, it would be possible to generate a PDF-copy directly using an URL, without having to generate and open the report in the browser first.  This is a much better solution when the only aim is to get av PDF-copy of the report and it would be very desirably to have the same feature avaiable in PBI for paginated reports via and additional parameter supporting the URL-interface.

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You may take a look at Export paginated report to file and share feedback via Ideas.