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How to add SharePoint data source to On-Premise(Enterprise) gateway using Microsoft Account

I have used PBI Desktop to connect to a Sharepoint file and published it to PBI Service.

On PBI Service I am able to establish credentials using Oauth2.

But when I try to add the connection to my On-Premise (Enterprise) gateway, there is no option to use Oauth2 credentials so I can't add the connection.  


What am I supposed to do?


I know I can connect the Sharepoint datasource directly to PBI service, but that doesn't work because there's some modeling I need to do with PBI Desktop.

Status: New

Hi @angus-tebukuro ,


Is the dataset only connecting to SharePoint online data source? Is it is, as SharePoint online is not an on-premises data source, it doesn't need to create a SharePoint online source in Manage gateways section. 


If there is another on-premise data source the dataset connecting to, you can add on-premises data sources in Manage gateways section, then follow this document to configure the dataset to use the gateway. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu