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Hierarchy Slicer is nor working properly

In one of our scenerio we need to create hierarchy slicer for year ans months correspomding to it. But we are facing few wierd issues with the slicer as below:

1. It wont allow us to select more than two years at a time, and intermittently allows us. There is no fixed behavious for this issue.

2. To catter above issue we enabled select all flag so it allows us to select more than 2 years but on un selecting one year it un selects all years.

 If anyone also facing the same issur or fixed it somehow please suggest..

Status: New

Hi @ekta1011


Based on my test with HierarchySlicer, if we would like to select more than one value, we can turn off Single Select option. In this way, we can unselect one value without affecting other selected values. 



By the way, if you have any issue when using this HierarchySlicer visual, I would suggest you contact the developer of this visual as suggested here by this email address 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu