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Hierarchy Slicer do not work on IE11

Hierarchy Slicer do not work on IE11.  Yesterday,it worked fine...




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@jppp thanks for the confirmation. Atleast I now know that this is isn't a defect and I can rewrite my meaures. Appreciate you taking time out to respond. I am sure this has been a busy day for you. I hope it is all sorted now. 

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Thanks @jppp!

Clearing the selection and reselected the values wasn't enough, but it worked when I deleted the HierachySlicer and created it again with the same values. 

Mostly the first or second thing to do when debugging something, but I saw an open issue with this custom visual. Thanks anyway!


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@jppp UPDATE!!!!


The issue below can be fixed by clearing the cache and cookies, Instructions can be found here


My reporrts are working as expected


@jppp Not sure if the fix has been deployed but I have checked my report again and the visual is now available in IE11 but the formatting isn't right. The alignment and indentation isn't right




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Release HierarchySlicer. Fixed (Clearing Cache and Cookies).



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I'm very excited about using the Hierarchy slicer on several of our reports.

I know that it probably has been requested before; but will the Hierarchy Slicer be able to SYNC across report pages like the the other slicers do?  It would be a great feature to have!

Is this feature going to be released in the near future?

Thank you,


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Yes this is in development and @jppp is working on it. You can find this in the first comment from @jppp in the link below




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 Thank you for the quick response @Nishantjain !!

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Hi , 


Could you check the operation of the slicer.

It doesn't work when we use hierarchical elements [tree] and "Show Empty Values" is turn off.


Thank You

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It works fine...

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@malgorzatas It does work fine. If you are having issues, I would suggest you remove and add the back the visual from your desktop file. If you are having issues in Power BI Service, I suggest you clear the cookies on the browser.