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Hide Report Pages from Specific Users Based on New Groups

As a Power BI report maker, I want to allow certain pages to be viewed or hidden by different users, based on their role. 


In that case, I can use the same underlying data and provide different views for HQ executives who view the report, and for others in different Districts.  Thus, I'd be able to refresh the report once by designating who can see which pages, and providing the same link, with different views.


Ideally, this option would also allow one to group users and thus determine which group can view which pages (with each group showing corresponding checkboxes for each page and whether view/hide is allowed).


I do not want to make separate reports with 2 uploads, as I've got a monster report derived from 12 other flat files that are downloaded from a SaaS system. 


The row-level security will not work, as I understand it, and I would otherwise need more of a column-level security to safeguard personally identifiable information to the lower-level managers (with separate groups).  That might also result in bad views. 


I do not have the ability to otherwise restrict access to the underlying data aside from Power BI,  would not want to have the data in different areas, nor have to explain to everyone about broken visualizations if that was the case.


Please consider this as a future update for Power BI.

Status: New