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Hidden fields and tables are visible in PBI workspace , but they are hidden in Desktop

Recently all the hiden fields and tables got visibble in all the datasets in PBI workpace. This was autoamtically happend today. And even I publish new model , the hiden fields & tables are visible with dataset at workspace. But in Desktop they are hidden.
In Desktop :


In Workspace :




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If they are set to Viewer then they won't be able to edit the report.


However, double check the permissions on the dataset(s) to make sure those users don't have the build permission granted.  If they do, then they can still connect to the underlying data and would see the fields/tables that should be hidden. 


This assumes you're not sharing the same content to the same users via an App?  If so, just make sure you don't have "Allow all users to connect to the app's underlying datasets using the Build permission" checked as this will assign them the build permission. 

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Just for information, this affects our whole enterprise solution (albeit only when you create new or edit existing reports in Power BI service), so it would be useful that it gets fixed asap.

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Same here! Voted!

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Finally they have fixed thee isssue. 

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I can confirm this. The hidden fields are no longer visible in Power BI Service.

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@ChrisCross , Thanks for the confirmation, Same observed in here. Somehow way they resolved this at their earliest. 

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Status changed to: Delivered