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Help for the SQL Query error when Running multiple sql IN ingres ODBC in powerbi

hi, Good day !


I have a question when I want to return a dataset by running multiple sql in POWER BI ingres ODBC. 

I used the vectorwise DB, use Ingres Driver to create ODBC, when ran single sql, it is ok, but when I run several SQL, POWERBI show a error as below, I want to konw whether exists a solution for it. 

vector issue.PNG

Also attached the M language:

Source = Odbc.Query("dsn=VW_US",

"drop table if exists part;#(lf)create table partas select sku_no from cis.part_master where vend_no in(12345,6789)#(lf);#(tab)#(lf)select * from part;#(lf)#(tab)")

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Community Support

Hi @Olivia_2255,


I don't have vectorwise DB on my side. I tested with SQL database with ODBC connector, the similar T-SQL works in Power BI desktop: 




In your scenario, I would suggest you firstly run the query on vectorwise DB client tool to see if the query can be executed successfully. 


Also please run the latest Power BI desktop version if possible. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu