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Having different issues since last up



I updated Power BI desktop yesterday and since then I've been having the following isuues:


  • I get logged out and won't let me log again because login screen freezes. I have to shut down the application and reopen it.
  • Can't publish or republish because it gets stuck on the "Publishing to Power BI" screen.publish.PNG

  • Power BI service sends an error when I try to save a report



Thanks for your help!!

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For the first issue, This is a known issue and there is a workaround:

This freeze happens when users (who are already signed in) work on the report (or leave it idle) for more than 40 minutes without signing in or publishing. The workaround is to close Power BI or sign out then sign back in before publishing.


For the second and third one, do you still have the issue now? I just tried several times but cannot repro.


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 @v-haibl-msft thanks for your reply!!


I had that issue from all monday and tuesday. I checked again at home at 02:00 am and it worked fine except for the publishing part.  On wednesday morning it worked fine and today everything is ok!


Thank you!

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