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Has On premise data sources conflict with web sources?

Hi Everyone. I'm experimenting an issue that is over me for now. Let me give you some context.


I have a Gateway configured with, this one is conected to and SQL Server source XXX perfectly working and configured in "Manage Gateways". I have other reports working with this source and there was no problem at all.


My problem appeard when I create a new report combining onedrive excels conected with "Web" connector and the XXX. When I create the Desktop, I had no problem at all. The connection was perfect, but in service, when I try to schedule refresh I have the following problem.

Gateway issue vs webGateway issue vs web




If I add the credentials again with Edit Credentials, the process never ends. I haven't change the credentials of my data source. I try connecting throw desktop, sql management studio and even other reports in another workspace can schedule. All the tools connect to the source except this report.


Is it possible that Web connector and On premise data source are not compatible?




If something is not clear, please let me know.


Status: Delivered



Currently, on-premise data gateway doesn't support OAuth2 based authentication. We are not able to add the online data sources in data gateway as well as on-premise data sources, so that we can't configure this kind of combined dataset to use data gateway. The workaround is to use personal gateway.


PG have started working on the data gateway to fix this issue. See: Combine enterprise gateway and online data sources.


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Status changed to: Delivered