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HTTP Error 500 when opening published reports

I have a problem with several reports that are published and can't be opened. I can only see them when using the Incognito mode in the browser. So, when I open the link the following error Internal Error 500 occures:

Error 500.jpeg

Is there a solution for this issue other than opening the dashboards in incognito mode?

Thanks in advance for your time








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Hi @CloserMKD,


Which browser did you use to access Power BI service? Please try to run IE browser in InPrivate mode, then type and click Sign In.


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Qiuyun Yu

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I also have a user experiencing this today on the latest version of Chrome on a Mac, but it works in Firefox.

57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) on MacOS 10.11.6 FWIW

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I have a user who has this too.  There hasn't been a solution for this yet?  The user can't see the reports in Chrome unless they're in incognito mode.


The solution for this is to clear the Chrome Cache..