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HELP: Refresh box disappears trying to refresh data - can't see any errors either

So I have a weird thing I NEED help with. I refresh my data like always, and you get the refresh box that starts to load all the queries. NORMALLY, it loads and you see check marks (or errors) next to the queries and you hit OK when done. Well, I hit refresh and let it do its thing and after a little bit of loading time, the box DISAPEARS completely. I see no checks, no errors, nothing, and it seems like the data doesnt even update either. I had someone else do it on their end and it works normally asnd they see errors, so i know there is errors. And this change happened in a matter of 30 min. This morning it worked find for me, and then all of a sudden this bug is happeneing to all my files. So I know its not a particular file's fault, I know its not an update issue (I did however unistall it and then download it again as I am on the August 2021 version) but nothing helps. I still cannot see the refresh box and it doesnt seem to stay.


WHAT is going on??

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Community Support


If you want to check if the dataset refresh is processing successfully, you can go to the “Refresh history” of this dataset to get the refresh info by timestamp:




Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin