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[HELP] Export whole report to PDF

pbi problem.PNG


Hi guys,

I don’t think that PowerBI has this feature yet, because the export pdf function that was just added just exports the visible area of the dashboards.

My problem is that PowerBI has a very nice feature to show pictures from Base64 code or from url and I wanted to export all lines of this report to PDF, or to print it.

Anybody has any suggestions?

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@Larsie ,

Have you tried the Export to PDF feature in Power BI Service? I can export the images to PDF.


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Hi All,


In my understanding, it's not possible to  export pictures to PDF from power BI.

Here, i'm assuming you are showing pictures by using the URL and changing the data type to Iamge URL.


you can export all the URL's  but not the pictures.


please try Strippet brower to show the pictures.

( i have been using this visual a lot)






@GauravSingh  we want to make a book for our mechanics so they can order their own producs.

the pbi rapport works but the problem is that i can't scrol when i am printing to PDF.

i tried the Strippet browser as you can see on the foto below but i stil can't print the whole rapport.

Am i doing something wrong?


image problem.png