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Gridlines bug on table in Power BI Service




I noticed a bug where a report that is published to the Power BI Service shows different gridlines than in the Power BI Desktop.

As you can see there appear random grid lines in my table. However, both horizontal and vertical gridlines are turned off.

This behaviour occurs in Firefox, but does not in Chrome.

power bi bug.PNG

We found that disabling "box-shadow" in the css will fix the issue, which can be seen here for a single cell.



Am I missing something obvious here or is it proper bugged?


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I used the latest version of Power BI Desktop and Firefox, but cannot reproduce the issue. In case CSS is not fully compatible, you may also try Microsoft Edge.


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Hi @v-chuncz-msft

The problem is that I cannot control which browser my endusers will use.

I checked with 2 of my colleagues and they have the same bug with this report.