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Graph formats percentage from tabular model as decimal while table gets it right



I'm using a tabular model on Azure Analysis Services, which has a few measures formatted as percentage. These measures display correctly in Excel, as well as in tables in Power BI. However, when I put them in a graph, the formatting suddenly changes to decimals, while I didn't change anything to the formatting (which is also not possible in Power BI itself with a live connection).


The formatting is definitely correctly set in the model itself, which also shows by the table and the formatting in Excel. I've asked help on the forum but also no luck, it was suggested to post an issue.


The two visuals below are using the exact same measure:




Power BI measure




Analysis Services Formatting



Status: New
Community Support



Similar issue has been reported: CRI 196974293.


We completed the work but have not turned the feature on yet. It should be enabled mid August at the latest, next Monday at the earliest, we are still testing it. This is a known issue / feature gap for a long time, not a regression.