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Google Big query: "Couldn't Load Model Schema"/ "Failed to update Data source credentials"

Hello there,


Yesterday there was an error message on the pbi report interface that said "couldn't load model schema" in relation to the Google Big Query API. We've been using this data source for months and have not had this issue yet. And when going to the dataset settings to validate credentials I get the following error:



Failed to update data source credentials: [DataSource.Error] Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (400): Bad RequestHide details

Activity ID:


Request ID:


Status code:



Tue May 19 2020 08:34:17 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Service version:


Client version:


Cluster URI:



After this error the report works suddenly without the original error. But then after a few hours it fails again with the "Couldn't load model schema" error.

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Try to clear the cache and refresh token. You could also create a support ticket for assistance.


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I have exactly the same problem and this did not happend before.

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I had a similar issue and did create a ticket yesterday, but I haven't heard or seen anything from that.  I was able to finally get RE-logged in (same credentials that had worked forever suddenly stopped working inside PBI desktop). Basically, I ended up telling PBI that I wanted to use a new Google login (instead of the correct one that was listed in the OAuth prompt); I simply added the same Google user and went through the login/authentication process and everything worked correctly.