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Google Analytics Auth Page Error

Whenever I try to connect to Google Analytics using Power BI Desktop, it allows me to enter my credentials but gives me an error page saying "This program cannot display the webpage" when it redirects to the approval page.



It also never actually connects, but has saved my login information from previous attempts.GA connector error.jpg


My guess is that is has something to do with permissions but my IT team wasn't able to figure it out. I for sure have internet.



Status: New
Community Support Team

@KatiaWilliams ,


Please update power bi and IE browser to latest version and check if this issue still perists.



Jimmy Tao


@v-yuta-msft ,


I having a similar issue, all of my google analytics datasets stopped automatic refreshing yesterday, and when I try to edit it I get the error "Access to the resource is forbidden" (even after I renew my credentials).


I can still search my database in Google Analytics when I try to create a new dataset, but I get the same error.

I did updated windows and Power BI to the last version.






Power Bi Analytics.jpgError: Access to the resource is forbidden

Community Support Team

@Tukas ,


This issue should be related to the invalid credentails, please check if the google analytics credentials are valid or expired.



Jimmy Tao


Hello Jimmy ( @v-yuta-msft )

As of last week, my google analytics report got an error while automatic scheduling and when I open power BI Desktop I had that problem, and I tried to renew the credentials and nothing happen. My google analytics had that error - I could choose the dimensions but I could not import them to the Power BI.


Yesterday, without doing nothing more, I tried to refresh the data inside Power BI Desktop and everything was fine. And then I publish it online and I refreshed the data without any previous problem!

Guess the problem was solved by now (?). Anyway, there was this problem and it could not be solved by only renewing the credentials.

Thank you for your attention,