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Goals: Point "Open the Report this value is connected to" to Report in App, not only to workspace.

In Goals we have an option "Open the Report this value is connected to" to let users go to source report. Now this only points to Report in Workspace. Can we get this pointing to App and take users to report in APP as well.
Most of Prodcution solutions have access set up where users has only have read access to App and they dont have access to report in workspace. In this case when they go from Goals to coneected rpeort it throws error as below.

Without this most users cannot access the "Report" (in App) behind it to take necessary actions or do deep dive analysis. 



Status: Delivered
Community Support


If you have an idea to help to improve the PowerBI, you can go to the Power BI Idea to submit a new idea so that people with the same idea can vote for you. I will also vote for you.



Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered
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Hello Robert,
May I know why the issue is marked delivered?


I am not sure if this is an idea, it is more like an issue with Goals and Report linkage not in line with Access set up.


Please let me know if this cannot be taken as issue. I will create an Idea.




Best Regards,